SCP Radiology | CT Scan

SCP Radiology delivers high-quality and appropriate diagnostic radiological procedures through the use of the latest technology that is supported by applied research.

SCP Radiology | CT Scan

At our Panorama MRI Centre we house two MRI units on the premises with ambient lighting options that children in particular find appealing and soothing. Panorama, Louis Leipoldt and Christiaan Barnard each feature a wide-bore tunnel for optimal comfort.

SCP Radiology | 30 Radiologist | 120 Radiographers

Our team of 30 Radiologists, 120 Radiographers, as well as qualified and committed nursing and administrative staff are available at various locations.

SCP Radiologists | Best available Service | Radiologist

We strive to stay ahead of developments and improvements in the world of radiology in order to deliver the best available service to our referring physicians and patients.

SCP Radiologist | Ultrasound & Doppler

Our practice is accredited by the RSSA (Radiological Society of South Africa) to perform Coronary CT Angiography, Virtual Colonoscopy, Conventional Angiography and Interventional work as well as PET/CT studies.

SCP Radiologist | Clinical Guidelines

Our Radiologists make use of Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS), Radiology Information Systems (RIS), computed/digital radiography, image fusion, and other similar applications to enhance their service to you.

SCP Radiologist | Theatre Radiography | Emphatic Patient-centred care

Emphatic patient-centred care is central to our professional service delivery model and we aim to execute our procedures in the most sensitive manner possible.

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Welcome to SCP Radiology (Drs Schnetler, Corbett and Partners Inc.) and the world of diagnostic radiology

We are an established radiology practice with 14 branches throughout the northern suburbs of Cape Town, including Paarl, Vredenburg, Vredendal, as well as the Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital in the CBD.

We strive to deliver high-quality and appropriate diagnostic radiological procedures to referring physicians by utilising the latest available technologies, supported by research, correct procedures and quality imaging. Our professional procedures are attained through the attraction, development and retention of expert staff.

Empathic patient-centered care is central to our professional service delivery model and we therefore aim to provide our procedures in the most sensitive manner possible. We encourage you to read about our procedures and how to best prepare yourself before visiting one of our branches.

SCP Radiology | Drs Schnetler, Corbett and Partners Inc.

Our Procedures

Clinical Guidelines | MRI


Clinical Guidelines | CT Scan

CT Scan

Clinical Guidelines | General X-Ray Imaging

General X-Ray Imaging

Clinical Guidelines | GIT (Barium) Imaging

GIT (Barium) Imaging

Clinical Guidelines | Ultrasound & Doppler

Ultrasound & Doppler

Clinical Guidelines | Interventional Procedures

Interventional Procedures

Clinical Guidelines | Theatre