Cone Beam CT

Information about your cone beam CT procedure.

Cone beam CT (CBCT) is a form of computed tomography where X-ray images are reconstructed with a computer to form a volumetric or 3D image. Thanks to the high-resolution images it can produce, it is particularly useful in imaging small structures in the head, neck and joints.

Cone beam CT differs from “conventional” CT in the shape of the X-ray beam that it emits. Instead of “flat slices” that are reconstructed, the conical beam of CBCT covers a larger volume of information in a single beam and can reconstruct the total volume of the body part in fewer rotations.

The exam is usually shorter than conventional CT but still provides detailed information in high resolution.

Radiologists interpret these images and are able to diagnose conditions of the bone structures in the ear, nose, throat, jaw and musculoskeletal system with greater accuracy.

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