About us

As an independent and full-service radiology practice, SCP delivers high-quality diagnostic reports and insights through the use of modern technology and the exceptional skills of our radiologists.

Patient-centred care is central to our practice. We respect our patients in many ways, whether it’s through wide-bore MR units which provide improved comfort, or the compassion that we show to our patients. This same trait reflects in SCP’s responsiveness to the needs of referring clinicians, providing timely and expert insights for them to treat their patients effectively.

Our practice is located in the Western Cape, with branches covering the Northern Suburbs, the CBD-City Bowl-Atlantic Seaboard axis, and the outlying West Coast, Cape Winelands and Breede River Valley areas.

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Our team of radiologists have collectively completed multiple international fellowships, have actively skilled themselves in various subspecialities, and remain fully committed to continued professional development and excellence.

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We continually invest in advanced imaging equipment and technology such as Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS), Radiology Information Systems (RIS), digital radiography, image fusion, and similar applications.

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Through 70 years of commitment to the profession, SCP has grown into a team of close to 30 radiologists and 120 radiographers, supported by nurses and administrators who all contribute to an invaluable body of expertise and experience.

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Our compassion is not only reflected in the care that we provide to our patients, but also in our selection of equipment – such as wide-bore MR machines and units with soothing ambient lighting – that ensures improved patient comfort.

Our history

The history of SCP Radiology starts in 1950 when Dr CJB Muller established a practice at Dumbarton House in Cape Town’s central business district.

He operated one X-ray machine for general X-rays, IVP and linear tomography, one X-ray machine for screening, a portable X-ray machine and a radiotherapy X-ray machine for superficial radiotherapy.

In 1955 he was joined by Dr DD Keet and together the two men made history by establishing Stellenbosch University’s Department of Radiology. The practice played an uninterrupted leadership role in this respected academic institution for the next quarter of a century – most notably with Dr Muller as its first head of department and Prof. JA Beyers, who joined the practice in 1959, as his successor in this position.

As partners joined and left the practice through the years, it underwent several name changes until it was incorporated in 1994 as Drs Schnetler, Corbett & Partners Inc.

SCP Radiology has since expanded into a group with 18 branches, almost 30 radiologists and a footprint in Cape Town, the West Coast, Cape Winelands and Breede River Valley.

It never lost its pioneering spirit and has remained at the forefront of imaging technology – poignantly evidenced by SCP’s early adoption of MR technology in South Africa and, more recently, its joint venture into positron emission tomography.

Today, a team of over 250 professionals collectively serve referring clinicians from across the Western Cape with advanced diagnostic imaging, and continue to strive for the exceptional care and excellence that have carried it for the past 70 years.


Our technology

SCP offers modern equipment supported by the latest technology in medical imaging and information systems advancements.

We make use of PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications Systems), Radiology Information Systems (RIS), computed or digital radiography, image fusion, and other appropriate applications.

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Accreditation & Membership

All our radiologists are accredited with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and members of the
Radiological Society of South Africa (RSSA).