Patient journey videos

See what to expect from the radiology patient journey when you visit SCP.

The work we do at SCP entails more than just medical imaging and providing clinical insights. It also entails compassionate patient care to the adults and children who visit our branches every day. As part of SCP Radiology’s patient-centred approach, we have created a gallery of radiology patient journey videos, specifically designed to guide you through the experience at our practice.

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What is a cardiac CT scan?

In this video we take a deep dive into the process of a CT scan of the heart and coronary arteries. Cardiac CT scanning is used by radiologists to detect clinically significant anomalies of the heart and blood vessels and is important for correct diagnosis. We chat with experts at SCP: radiologist Dr Vishesh Sood about the uses of cardiac CTs and radiographer Charnel Gunter takes us on a step-by-step journey of what a patient can expect.

Your step-by-step MRI scan experience at SCP

In this informative video, Dr Salomine Theron discusses the invaluable role of MRI scans in uncovering a wide range of medical conditions, using as an example the detection of structural abnormalities in the brain with potential implications for epilepsy. Join us as radiographer Andrea Nagel guides you through the comprehensive process of undergoing an MRI scan at SCP, with a special focus on young patients. Discover the significance of this diagnostic tool in ensuring accurate diagnoses and optimal patient care.

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The radiology patient journey: Mammograms

In this video, we explore the step-by-step process of mammography with Thuli Mtwana, a radiographer from SCP, and discuss the vital role of screening mammography in early cancer detection and the diagnosis of palpable lumps with Dr Salomine Theron, a radiologist.

Head trauma CT scans: Here's what to expect

In this video we explore the essential process of CT scanning, especially after head trauma. CT scans are a valuable diagnostic tool for radiologists to assess various conditions and injuries, ensuring accurate diagnoses and effective treatment. We chat with experts at SCP, like radiologist Dr Salomine Theron, about the uses of CTs and radiographer Charnel Gunter takes us on a step-by-step journey of what a patient can expect and the special care taken with a young patient.

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A step-by-step guide to back MRI scans

In this video, we explore what to expect when undergoing an MRI scan at SCP Radiology. Dr Vishesh Sood explains the application of this diagnostic imaging tool in the medical field, using examining of the spine and surrounding nerves as an example. Andrea Nagel, the lead MRI radiographer at SCP, elaborates on the step-by-step diagnostic process of MRI scanning. MRI technology utilises superconductive magnets and radio frequency signals to create detailed images of the human anatomy.

The radiology patient journey: X-ray

In this video, radiologist Dr Vishesh Sood highlights the significance of X-rays in comprehending and assessing the human body, with a specific focus on the knee. Radiographer Thuli Mtwana will guide you through the entire process of obtaining an X-ray scan at SCP. X-rays are the most commonly used diagnostic tool in the medical field, aiding in determining the necessity of further treatment.

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