Positron Emission Tomography CT (PET-CT)

Information about your PET-CT procedure.

Positron emission tomography (PET) is a highly advanced imaging modality that allows clinicians to assess biological and chemical processes in the body at a cellular level.

It is particularly helpful in the detection of cancer spread and to help doctors determine whether the treatment regime for their patients is effective or not. PET also has the unique ability to distinguish between active tumour cells and dead scar tissue from previous treatments.

In PET-CT, positron emission tomography is combined with computed tomography (CT) to identify both the precise location of the disease and the activity of the disease, all in a single scan.

SCP Radiology offers this service as part of a joint venture in the Western Cape: The Cape PET-CT Centre which is located in the healthcare hub around Mediclinic Panorama.

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