SCP & ILoveBoobies a partnership that ‘just makes sense’

SCP & ILoveBoobies a partnership that ‘just makes sense’

It is with great excitement that SCP Radiology embarks on a promising new relationship with ILoveBoobies, a charity that has done thousands of breast cancer screenings since its inception in 2016.

The practice has welcomed ILoveBoobies as its official charity partner, and is looking forward to contributing to the vital work it does.

Its primary mission is to provide free breast cancer screenings – and a chance at early detection – to as many women as possible who have otherwise limited access to healthcare.

This, and the breast cancer education that goes hand in hand with the screenings, are a cause that resonates strongly with the doctors and staff of SCP.

“At SCP, we have always been committed to providing the best healthcare services to our patients, and to supporting initiatives that positively impact the communities around us,” says SCP Managing Partner Dr Jean de Villiers.

“We have for some time, as part of our corporate social initiative, explored potential partners in the community who mirror our goals and values. I am thrilled to announce our partnering with a breast cancer charity like ILoveBoobies.”

He further explains that, as a radiology practice, SCP understands the crucial role that early detection and screening play in the fight against breast cancer. “That is why we have chosen to align ourselves with an organisation dedicated to raising awareness, providing education, and supporting breast cancer research in communities that do not have ready access to screening and healthcare.”

Apart from financial support to the organisation, SCP will provide free mammograms to women who get referred from the ILoveBoobies screening outreaches, and actively encourage staff, patients and professional associates to support the cause.


SCP Radiology provides mammograms free of charge to women who are referred from ILoveBoobies screening outreaches. Photo courtesy of: ILoveBoobies

Mammography services

Under the dedicated leadership of founders Nicky Webb and Cecil Munch, ILoveBoobies has provided more than 6000 screenings to date.

These entail clinical examinations by nursing staff, who then refer women with possible signs of breast cancer for further diagnosis. As radiology partner, SCP offers its mammography services free of charge to these patients, and refer them to a designated clinician should further treatment be required.

“Our partnership with SCP, and the donation of their services have dramatically changed the timeline and outcome for our patients,” says Cecil. “We are burdened with delivering the screening outcome to the woman. This now occurs faster, reducing the daunting waiting period.”

He explains that, for the past six years, once the team had flagged a woman with a concerning breast issue, she would enter the often competent but already constrained state system for diagnosis. This usually meant queues and long waiting periods for attention, time away from work, and travelling expenses.

“SCP’s donation of mammography services has shortened the diagnosis period. This relieves the workload on the state hospitals’ radiology service, and the woman will immediately be escalated to higher-level medical attention for treatment. The patient has enormous comfort in experiencing swift action, attention, and the development of a plan for her.”

Cecil say that closing the service loop more efficiently has been very meaningful and deeply encouraging to their organisation. “SCP directors and staff embody a philanthropic spirit, it is part of their culture, and we feel it. It is a collaboration with true professionals that gives us much faith and hope.”

Staff initiatives and further support

Equally exciting are the many ways in which the symbiosis between SCP and its charity partner became apparent.

Through the online store that ILoveBoobies is running to generate revenue, SCP will source apparel and accessories for upcoming staff and awareness initiatives. The practice was also able to reallocate a vehicle to the organisation, while staff are thrilled at the prospect of participating in future sports events wearing the iconic ILoveBoobies gear that doubles up to promote a good cause.

“Throughout the year, we will collaborate with ILoveBoobies on various events, fundraisers, and educational campaigns,” says Dr de Villiers. “By participating in these activities, we will hopefully contribute – and encourage others to contribute – to the fight against breast cancer and help make a difference.”


SCP Radiology has welcomed ILoveBoobies as its official charity partner and will source apparel and accessories for upcoming staff events through the ILoveBoobies online store. Photo: Courtesy of ILoveBoobies

Bra donation campaign

First up is a campaign through which ILoveBoobies will be collecting gently worn bras to donate to women who cannot afford this often-expensive piece of clothing.

SCP has availed eight of its branches (Panorama, Louis Leipoldt, Durbanville, Cape Gate, Paarl, Worcester and Vredenburg) as donation points where patients and fellow donors can drop off normal, sports and mastectomy bras for women in need.

It is hoped to be the first of many campaigns through which SCP can help raise awareness and support for ILoveBoobies and its beneficiaries. “We look forward to many team-building collaborations with SCP,” says Cecil, and Dr de Villiers concurs.

“Breast cancer is a prevalent disease affecting countless lives around the world, including the lives of our patients, friends, and family members. We invite all like-minded colleagues and friends to join us in supporting this important cause.

“Let’s embrace this opportunity to spread awareness, support the early detection of breast cancer, and make a significant impact on the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.”


*ILoveBoobies raises money through the sale of excellent quality active wear and accessories. Browse their online store, or learn more about the charity itself, by visiting