Tygervalley Mammography Centre celebrates first Mammo Month

Tygervalley Mammography Centre celebrates first Mammo Month

“Having your regular mammogram is now easier than ever before. And it is pretty! Classy! Great parking! Excellent technology and skilled clinicians. Let’s go girls!” – Dr Marlena du Toit, Gynaecologist

Feedback on the new Tygervalley Mammography Centre has been overwhelmingly positive and SCP Radiology is pleased to offer this efficient specialist service to the many women wanting to get a mammogram done during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Tygervalley Mammography Centre is SCP Radiology’s latest branch addition and the first standalone centre of its kind in Cape Town’s northern suburbs.

It is specifically conceptualised to provide women with easy-to-access services such as mammography, breast ultrasound, breast biopsy and bone densitometry (screening test for osteoporosis).

The need for a women-specific mammography centre

“We’ve had an increased demand in mammography requests in the northern suburbs and we found that we often had long waiting lists at our other branches,” branch manager Dr Salomine Theron told well-known radio personality Pippa Hudson in an earlier interview.

She was explaining the need for a specialist centre for women and added that women might be more willing to get screened if they could avoid a hospital setting. “We realised that some women might feel more comfortable in an elegant environment with only female patients attending, and only for mammography, bone densitometry and ultrasound.”

Hudson agreed, saying, “I love the idea of a space that is warm and welcoming and makes you feel comfortable to be there.”

The importance of early detection

Mammography is globally used as a primary diagnostic tool for breast cancer and has the advantage of revealing abnormalities even before they can be detected by a self-examination or physical assessment.

Theron said that the best possible outcomes are achieved in breast cancer that is diagnosed subclinical. “That means before you see changes in your breasts, before you feel a lump, before your GP or gynaecologist feels a lump.”

“Also, the treatment will be much less invasive. Mammography is the only recognised screening tool to diagnose early breast cancer before it is clinically palpable or shows other signs.”

Theron encourages women to have a breast cancer risk assessment done by the age of 30 and then to follow the recognised guidelines for regular screening.

Women at average risk should undergo annual screening mammography starting at the age of 40, while women with higher risk should be guided by their doctor on the appropriate screening ages and frequencies.

For more information, or to make a booking at the Tygervalley Mammography Centre, click here or phone 021 100 6140.

Listen to Pippa Hudson’s full interview with Dr Salomine Theron:

Some picture highlights from the Tygervalley Mammography Centre:

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