Soft skills and empathy are an asset when helping people in pain

Thuli Mtwana is a valuable asset to a medical team that works together for the wellbeing of patients.

This article by Margaret Harris was first published in the Sunday Times of 12 November 2023. It is an interview with Thuli Mtwana, a diagnostic radiographer at SCP Radiology Panorama, as part of the My Brilliant Career series. What does your job as a diagnostic radiographer involve? Radiography is the art and science of using…

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Five to-the-point questions to a neuro-interventional radiologist

Dr Arthur Winter is a neuro-interventional radiologist at SCP Radiology.

Meet Dr Arthur Winter, neuro-interventional radiologist and Branch Manager at SCP Radiology Cape Gate. He is doing invaluable work to strengthen the practice’s interventional services and we asked him five to-the-point questions to give insight into his work. Briefly plot the career milestones that led you to neuro-intervention and your current position at SCP. After…

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Cone beam CT now available at SCP Radiology Panorama

Cone beam CT is now offered as a service at SCP Radiology Panorama.

Medical imaging at SCP Radiology’s Panorama branch now includes cone beam CT, a modality that will expand the services available to ear, nose and throat specialists, maxillofacial and orthopaedic surgeons and their patients. The practice has just acquired the NewTom 7G, an innovative leap in cone beam CT technology. It combines traditional CBCT applications for…

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Breast cancer in men: Don’t ignore, don’t delay

Movember is all about men's health. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men but we focus on a much less talked-about issue: breast cancer in men.

Movember is a global movement to raise awareness about common men’s health issues such as prostate and testicular cancer. Men’s health entails so much more, however, and switching gears from Breast Cancer Awareness Month presents the opportune moment to focus on a much less talked-about issue: breast cancer in men. If there is one message…

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SCP staff walk the talk for breast cancer awareness

Team SCP Radiology has completed more than 2000km in October as part of the ILoveBoobies Imagine Challenge for breast cancer awareness.

Team SCP Radiology walked, jogged and cycled more than 2 000 km in the month of October – all in the name of charity and breast cancer awareness. A group of around 20 staff members entered this year’s Imagine Challenge and spent October pursuing their personal fitness goals. The Imagine Challenge is a month-long virtual…

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