Ultrasound machine donated to Tygerberg Hospital

Ultrasound machine donated to Tygerberg Hospital

Early this month, Tygerberg Hospital’s dermatology unit received an ultrasound machine donated by SCP Radiology, which will primarily assist with assessing lymph nodes in patients but could, in future, also be useful for other ultrasound examinations in the department.

SCP Radiology arranged for the ultrasound machine, which is functional and in excellent working condition, to be serviced by Tecmed Cape Town before it was delivered to Tygerberg Hospital in time for a training session on April 4.

“Ever-improving technology meant that some of our machines were recently replaced with new equipment capable of better-quality imaging. This meant we had a fully functional machine we were no longer using. We knew the dermatology department at Tygerberg Hospital was in need of a machine, so it made sense for us to donate it where it will continue to be used and make a difference in the lives of patients who are in the public healthcare system,” explained Dr Salomine Theron, a radiologist and partner at SCP Radiology.


Ultrasound machine donation to Tygerberg Hospital.


Delivery and training

Chrisoné Smit (lead sonographer for SCP Radiology) and Corné Nienaber (technical manager for Tecmed), conducted a short training session for the dermatology team.

Dr Willie Visser, who heads the dermatology division at Stellenbosch University, says the machine will be used predominantly to assess lymph nodes in dermatology patients. This will significantly speed up ultrasound examinations and further treatment for their patients.

Adds Dr Theron, “The ultrasounds are done to see if skin cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, which will change the treatment. Because the doctors can now do the ultrasound in the unit, the patient doesn’t need to wait for an ultrasound appointment and the necessary treatment can start earlier.”

The photograph is of the Tygerberg Hospital dermatology team during the training session with Chrisoné Smit, Corné Nienaber and Dr Willie Visser.

Donation to AWS Helderberg

On 4 April, the radiology practice also donated an ultrasound machine and examination bed to the Animal Welfare Society (AWS) Helderberg – an NPO that rehabilitates and rehomes animals. It will be used to image and visually assess undiagnosed lumps and possible bowel-related obstructions in their furry patients.

“I cannot begin to express my gratitude to all involved in the donation,’ says General Manager, Julia Evans. ‘Unfortunately, the rule of thumb for us over the years has been guesswork. This donation makes it much easier, and in every sense of the word.”

The machine, which functions well and is still viable for basic ultrasound examinations, was serviced and delivered to AWS in Helderberg by Tecmed Cape Town earlier this month.

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SCP Radiology recently donated an ultrasound machine to AWS Helderberg.