Paying it forward: NGO welcomes donated uniforms

Paying it forward: NGO welcomes donated uniforms

When SCP Radiology adopted new clinical outfits this year, the team decided not to let good-quality usable work wear go to waste.

Instead, dozens of previous uniforms were collected, professionally restored and then donated to an NGO about which one of our employees is deeply passionate.

The Tehillah Community Collaborative in Elsies River provided hospice care to the mother of one of our staff members earlier this year and has 75 care workers who deliver 9 000 prescriptions door to door and do 8 000 home visits each month. They not only ensure that clients are bathed but also that their immediate surrounds are clean, that they have had a meal and have taken their prescribed medication.

Tehillah founder and director Sr Magda Kleyn says the donation was a very welcome gift as more than 90% of the organisation’s care workers are single mothers who receive a government-supported income but no uniform allowance.

“Our care workers are remarkable,” she says as she talks about their work load and extraordinary dedication to their patients.

She adds that a uniform not only helps the team members be more recognisable while working in the community but also to enhance their sense of professionalism and cohesion.

SCP HR manager Maryke Smith says it is the second donation of this nature by the practice. The team first launched the collection drives when they realised that phased out uniforms are often still in excellent condition.

They nevertheless took great care in selecting only the best quality items and to have them professionally restored before passing them on.

The Tehillah Community Collaborative not only distributes medication on behalf of the Western Cape Department of Health but also provides home-based healthcare services to the community of Elsies River, palliative care, addiction recovery support, and emergency shelter.

For more information or to support the organisation, phone 021 933 0990.