Nursing in radiology: Patient care takes top priority

Nursing in radiology: Patient care takes top priority

Despite there being just a few opportunities for nursing in radiology, nurses’ contribution is immense – present at every contrast-enhanced CT or MRI scan, ready to handle any emergency, and leading by example when it comes to compassion.

Meet one of these champions of care, Sr Marcé van Niekerk. She has been a registered nurse for the past nine years, and part of the SCP team for the last four.

Although she joined SCP just a few years ago, she has always had a connection with Mediclinic Louis Leipoldt, where she is now working in the radiology department. “After school I took a gap year because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I didn’t want to study something I’m not passionate about.

“Then, one day, we visited my aunt in hospital. I walked in here and I felt like this was something I could do.” She joined a nursing education programme in 2010 and immediately loved it. Fast forward ten years of working mostly in emergency rooms and she found her way to SCP. “Frankly, dealing with COVID in the ER took its toll on me. It was emotionally and physically draining and I wanted a change.”


Nursing in radiology: Meet Registered Nurse Sr Marcé van Niekerk of SCP Radiology.


Nursing in radiology

She couldn’t be happier about joining our practice. “It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. I love SCP! This is a wonderful team and everyone is very helpful.”

As the only nurse on the team at our Louis Leipoldt branch, she champions the non-negotiables of nursing, including her passion for making every patient feel respected and cared for. It’s second nature to her.

“One often hears stories about patients being deeply touched by a particular little thing you did. Or a patient would say that they revelled in the energy among the staff. It’s stories like these that make you realise the importance of their time spent in the radiology department. Even if a patient spends only ten minutes with us, it may well be the ten minutes that change their day for the better.”

Lessons in caring

Some things only come with experience however, she adds.

“What I have learned through the years, is never to make assumptions about a patient’s pain. How people experience and express their pain differs vastly, but everyone deserves the same kindness and respect from me.”

This article is part of a series of short staff profiles by SCP Radiology to highlight career opportunities in radiology. Read more about Radiography Careers in our News section.