GIT (Barium) Imaging

  • GIT imaging is the procedure whereby the Gastro Intestinal Track (GIT) is examined during a fluoroscopy procedure. The GIT includes the pharynx (throat), oesophagus (the passageway that connects your throat to your stomach), stomach, small and large intestines.
  • A fluoroscopy (video) is an X-Ray procedure that produces real-time pictures on a screen instead of taking regular still individual pictures (similar to an X-Ray movie). This allows the Radiologist to observe how an organ performs its normal function (e.g., how the oesophagus works during swallowing).
  • Barium is a naturally occurring element that appears white on X-Rays. In these tests, the barium is given as a flavoured drink (like a milkshake). When swallowed, barium coats the walls of the digestive tract, which allows the shape of the upper digestive tract to be outlined on an X-Ray. Without the barium the upper digestive tract would be barely visible on an X-Ray image.
  • Different X-Ray examinations, that are utilised to observe the GIT, include the Barium Swallow, Barium Meal and the Barium Enema.

Barium Meal

Barium Enema